What’s Your Gospel?

What’s Your Gospel?
Eric Delve

Book Recommendation

To Boldly GoA complete re-write of Eric Delve’s 1970’s classic ‘To Boldly Go’. Completely rewritten for the 21st Century, Eric’s book carries the same vital message that God has a purpose and a destiny for each one of us. discovering your destiny and how you can fulfil it. The tragedy is that so many Christians never discover their destiny or manage to come close to fulfilling it. Eric’s passion is still the same as ever – to provide the tools and energy to grasp God’s purpose and to begin to live it. Foreword by J John. Find ‘To Boldly Go’ on Amazon.

Eric is an evangelist, encourager and teacher. Eric’s latest publications, ‘Live Like You Mean It’ and ‘To Boldly Go’ explore working out who you are, God’s destiny for you and never letting go of that vision.


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