The Unforgiving Servant

The Unforgiving Servant
Matt is Senior Pastor at Hitchin Christian Centre, President of Urban Saints and founder of


  1. Debbi 3 years ago

    Hi I have a question.
    Is forgiveness ever a one time deal or when it comes to injustices like child abuse that happen many times is it ever the case that you have to forgive many times. A bit like chipping away at a rock to carve something beautiful out of it?

  2. Author
    Matt Summerfield 3 years ago

    Sorry for the delay in responding Debbi. We did email you directly on your email address on 21st March but didn’t hear back. Here’s the reply for info:

    That’s a great – and very tough question. I talked in this message about how forgiveness is a process and it might be that we need to forgive every day with our words and our will (with God’s help), until we feel in our heart and soul that we have truly forgiven the person. The scar might always be there, but we no longer feel the pain of the wound.

    Hope this helps but if I’ve missed what you’re asking do let me know.

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