The Book Of Life

The Book Of Life
Kamal is Chief Commercial Officer of a Swiss manufacturer of commercial espresso machines, directing all the global commercial activities of Eversys from his office in Switzerland. Kamal lives in London with Tracy–his wife, Remy and Ruby–his dogs, where he exercises his passions for culinary arts, golf and…God. Kamal previously founded Ethos, a magazine relating to Faith @ Work, and he remains involved in driving political and business activities from a faith and value inspired agenda.


  1. Michael 5 years ago

    Insightful, honest, humorous and uncomplicated message.
    I am interested to hear your views [Kamal] on Business Ethics and the role Christian business Leaders play in driving Kingdom Dynamics.

  2. Peter Quarcoopome 5 years ago

    Kamal, thanks for such a great life transforming message.

  3. Steph 5 years ago

    Loved it ! You are very smart on the video !

  4. George Sabados 5 years ago

    What would Karl Marx, Nietzche and Freud say about this?:-

    Kamal, your message was very inspiring, not least because you are a great public speaker!

    The salient points I took away – and a real metaphor for life – were:-
    Where most of us are at:- Missing ones purpose. Not being an agent of change.
    Use our gifts to bring about heaven on earth.
    When I leave people, I want to leave them with something of me.
    Because I put people first.
    The difference is people.
    I always leave others with a message.
    I want to do things that matter – I want to make a difference.
    Leaders are defined as agents of change – people don’t want change
    Post modernity has created a world where there are no truths.
    Media – have to satisfy people who advertise.
    When you have no purpose in life, you absorb the purpose of someone stronger around you
    Don’t dilute the message
    Our role is to release your potential
    The more time we spend studying the mystery of life the closer you get – important to have clear goals.
    In your realm, be a king. Be an agent of change. Don’t submit to what you think is wrong.

    You brought up a lot of reflection on my life, and how during my years of ‘development’ I fell into all these holes. Experiencing the anguish, the pain, the suffering causes most intelligent people to seek a higher ground. No less painful, just different. The commitment to higher ideals, to the universality of truth, ethics and love for all people (despite exposure to being hurt) – these are true in all societies around the world. And if they are universal, these ideals come from the one place. Fascinating realisation.

    Post modernity has created more than no truths. Just in the space I work in I have observed it has created people who feel it is okay to lie, cheat, take, or communicate nastily via sms or email – using the salve that ‘its just business’. ‘Business’ cannot be a measure of success, nor can any achievement be lasting if it takes precedence over aiming for our higher purpose daily.

    Kamal, you reminded me, or rather, refreshed my memory on where I have been the last 10months. My ‘doing’ in my business has taken all my time, energy and thoughts leaving nothing for ‘personal development’ or ‘family development’.

    Thank you for the spark. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Kind regards,


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