Modelling God’s Character

Modelling God’s Character
Scott and Gayla Congdon founded Amor Ministries in 1980 after confronting the spiritual and physical need found in Mexican orphanages. Having experienced the poverty of Mexico during their early ministry work, they desired to share their experiences and involve others in committing to serve the impoverished worldwide. Their goal is to instill the belief that a single act truly can make a difference. More than 30 years later, Amor Ministries remains committed to it's mission. Each year, Amor provides nearly 9,000 volunteers with an opportunity to serve the poorest of the poor through its house-building projects.

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  1. Samantha 4 years ago

    Gayla I really needed to hear this message today. You have expressed my hearts cry and all that God has been teaching me over these last few weeks. I am serving in the darkness most days and God really is challenging me to be more like Jesus. To not judge but to love and tell people who Jesus really is and who he is not. I love watching their faces when you tell them who Jesus really is and their mouths fall open and they ask Is it really true and with great delight I tell them yes.
    Thank you for your boldness, your passion and the encouragement you have given me today. I have sobbed with relief because I know now I am not alone in my thoughts! My prayer is to become more and more like Jesus and I am so thankful that He is changing me so I can be the Light in the darkness.

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