The healing of the lame beggar led to the arrest of Peter and John. Throughout history, spiritual movements have always been resisted by the religious authorities – notably in the case of Jesus. In this talk we will explore how the work of the Spirit is often anti-establishment and in opposition to the culture (even ‘religious’ culture). The Kingdom subverts the culture like yeast in the dough. When we go in to our workplaces and neighbourhoods and seek to be a witness, then we need to be willing to take the consequences. When you stand up for the gospel and for truth, it might draw criticisms and challenges – you might lose your job, or at least be marginalised. There are times when you need to recognise that the ‘law of the land’ conflicts with the ‘law of God’ and in such moments, how to respond with grace and truth.


Matt is Senior Pastor at Hitchin Christian Centre, President of Urban Saints and founder of


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