"Friends love through all kinds of weather" Proverbs 17:17

Some days the sky is blue and everything feels great. Other times it can feel like you’ve just sailed into a storm.

We all go through tough times and we’re here to support each other.



Whether it’s time to celebrate, or life is tough, it’s great to have friends around us. Joining a hub will give you the chance to get to know a smaller bunch of people – so that you can make great friends who will be there through laughs and tears.


Care Team

Need a bit more support? For those times we have a pastoral care team. Our pastoral team can offer you time to meet up to chat and pray, help you get in touch with your GP or other professionals, and put you in touch with other sources of help and support – just ask at the info point on a Sunday or get in touch with Kate Middleton, who runs the team.



Whatever you’re going through, we know that prayer can make a difference.