• The Story of Pastor Henry

    By on April 4, 2018

    10 years ago Pastor Henry* was leading a church with his wife Irene*. Life was hard. They put all...

  • Merry Christmas from Uganda

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    The country is in the middle of a busy time getting ready for Christmas, as you can imagine, with…

  • The Passion of Christ in Medieval Art

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  • Steve Chalke and The Bible – Part 1

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    One of the cardinal insights of hermeneutics is that we tend to read our own prejudices into the scriptures….

  • Don’t Look Now

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  • Moldova Update from Sharon Eason

    By on December 20, 2015

    Sharon Eason shares an update on the Shelter programme in Moldova.

  • Baby Jesus

    Is This The Baby Jesus?

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    What’s wrong with this beautiful medieval painting? Jesus is wrong, surely! He doesn’t look like a child. He looks…

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    What Are Ghosts? The Winter nights are closing in and over the festive season we can expect radio and...

  • Would Jesus Have Bungee-Jumped?

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    Would Jesus Have Bungee-Jumped? Matthew 4:5-7 suggests that on at least one occasion in his life Jesus contemplated but...

  • Does God Have ‘One’ Or ‘Three’ Minds?

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    Does God Have ‘One’ Or ‘Three’ Minds? This question is a spin-off from debates about the Trinity. According to...