Play Your Part

Play Your Part
God Needs You

This month I’m carrying on with the annual challenge of applying Romans 12. One of my favourite verses in the Bible is Romans 12:4…

“Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body and we all belong to each other.”

This verse raises three challenges to me personally:

    1. What is our identity in Christ?
    2. How do we use our talents and giftings for the glory of God and to extend the Kingdom?
    3. Judging others

How can we be used by God if we don’t know what the call is on our life? In 1 Corinthians 12 it says a spiritual gift is given to all of us so we may help each other. No one body part is more important than another and we are all required to contribute something. Whilst some giftings are easily seen, such as a good public speaker or a strong leader, I believe at this time of change and growth God is reminding us that some parts of the body that seem the weakest and least important are actually the most necessary. How valuable to our church body are the members who devote their time to prayer? What about those who are a blessing to their neighbours and work colleagues? What about our children and young people who care so compassionately about the injustice they see in their schools, communities and in the world? It can be easy to judge those whose talents are not visible but this verse reminds us that we are all in this together.

The thoughts I feel prompted to leave with you this month are:

    1. Ask God to reveal to you your gifting; dare to explore what new and novel contributions you can bring to the church and your community.
    2. Get to know the quieter, easy-to-miss people who live in our community or come to our church.
    3. Learn to encourage one another.

You will notice the ever-so-slight mention of the word ‘community’. That’s because, every day, I’m reminded that we spend most of our waking hours in relationships and places outside of the church. I don’t believe that God only gave us talents that we could use for 90 minutes on a Sunday morning. Our body is greater than the walls that surround us. Believe that God has instilled in every one of us a quality to be used and shared with others. Remember God has no favourites; we are all valuable to him.

Suzy oversees the community projects at HCC – developing partnerships and working with statutory organisations, charities and other community groups,including other churches or faith groups, to meet needs in the local community such as poverty, debt and social isolation. In addition to this role she is a practising occupational therapist with a specialist interest in older people's care. Suzy is passionate about seeing communities support their most vulnerable and enjoys working on new projects.


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