Hey You…

Hey You…
Field sky

Hey you…

Yes, you over there…

Yes, It’s definitely you I’m after…

You who rises up hurriedly from sleep, processing your many mental notes, on the various daily targets you’ve set for yourself. A “forward thinker”, that’s what you call yourself, isn’t it? Always going somewhere, constantly doing something. No one is more skilled at manoeuvring breathlessly from one activity to the next.

I see you as you busy yourself with your unending quest for fulfillment, or better still your interpretation of it. Oh, the look on your face as you plot, plan and look for shortcuts to get you to where you feel you ought to be.

On some days, some very good days, you invite me to fellowship. Or so you think, except it’s more a hurried summon into your presence. You turn up, you set the tone, you dictate the pace, you deliver your lines, all the while very mindful of your strict timings. Careful also to ensure you hand me your list before you leave.

Your list. Many things I could say about it, however, suffice it to say that it is a compilation of tasks you expect me to complete. It’s ranked according to your priorities, linked directly to your benefits and aligned uncompromisingly with your agenda.

Your agenda. When it comes down to it, that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? Your plans, your aspirations. You know exactly what you want, or so you think.

Like a whirlwind, you leave as quickly as you come.

When you leave I think about you. I long for your return. I am like a hopeful lover, I pine endlessly for you. I am hopeful that one day things will be different. I am hopeful that one day, you would desert your forward thinking, clock watching, breathless ways. Oh, how much it would mean to me. The many things I would say to you.

I would tell you about how I set the earth on its axis and carefully positioned every star in the sky. I would tell you about creating time and my ability to give and take it freely from whosoever I choose.

I would share with you my grand plan for creation and outline to you, your role in it. I would ask you to come to me empty, still and with reverence. Open to whatsoever I request of you. I would ask you never to leave until you hear my voice, for I know what you need even before you ask. I would ask you to always come ready to give yourself to me, and in turn, I will give you my grace, renewal and empowerment. I would ask you to set aside everything for me as I do for you. I would ask you to abandon your agenda for mine.

Does any other aside from me know the end from the beginning?


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