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Ever get the feeling things are broken? Broken systems, broken relationships, broken dreams, broken planet. We are broken ourselves – broken people in a broken world.

But there’s more to life than this. God, who loves us and has the best for us, hasn’t left us in our mess but is fighting to win us back and rebuild our messed-up world.

There are glimpses of God everywhere. In the rustle of the wind through the trees, in the drops of rain on your face, in the vast night sky. God is close by. God is with you.

In fact, God demonstrated that he is with us by sending his son, Jesus, to get down into our brokenness and live with us. God in human form. A man. Yet God. With a vision of a new way to live, a new way to be, and a way to change history.

2000 years ago Jesus died, and in that moment our brokenness died with him. He was buried and our brokenness was buried with him. And then he rose again in new life, breaking the power of brokenness and death forever, and he offers that new life to each of us too.

If we want it.

Jesus has made a way for our brokenness, all the ways we’ve messed up, our rebelliousness and self-centredness, to be forgiven. Wiped off the record. Buried. A new start and a new purpose-filled life.

Will you accept it?

God loves you and has a wonderful future for you.

Find out more at church any Sunday, chat to one of the HCC leaders, ask questions, discover more.

Paul is passionate about using creative mediums to bring people into connection with God, and loves to use sounds, images and words to bring the senses more alive to experience God’s presence. Follow @rigbypaul on Instagram.


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