Church Fit For Purpose

Church Fit For Purpose

Last month we kicked of our new Sunday morning teaching series on the Book of Acts. This fifth book of the New Testament shows us how a small group of frightened men and women went on to change the world through their relationship with Jesus.

Acts shows us what a world-changing, fit-for-purpose church looks like. As we continue through this series, I want to remind you again of the six key practices of the early Church that I shared last month. What might happen through HCC if we were able to step up in all of these areas? Might we see the same level of growth and impact that the early church saw? Of course! It’s what is happening all over the world where the church is growing.

Why not pray every day this month that God will help us – starting with you – grow in all these areas?

1) They UNITED (Acts 2:42-47)

Time and time again we’ll discover in the book of Acts that this was a united church. They were all different and they had certainly had some differences – but they worked it through. They forgave and reconciled. They were committed to guard the unity, focusing on God’s will and not their own personal agendas.

2) They PRAYED (Acts 4:23-31)

The church in Acts is a church that knew how to pray. Infact, their prayer meetings were so powerful that even buildings shook. Time and time again we see a Church that is seeking God in prayer, hearing God in prayer, responding to God in prayer. Fruitful Kingdom activity is always borne out of the place of prayerful intimacy with God.

3) They RECEIVED (Acts 2:1-4)

Jesus told them that they were to wait in Jerusalem until they received the power of the Spirit – and THEN they would be witnesses to the end of the earth. It’s the Holy Spirit that brings courage, boldness, conviction, transformation, healing, miracles, vision and wisdom. Nothing is achieved outside of the power of the Spirit. We need to be filled daily.

4) They PROCLAIMED (Acts 28:31)

In the book of Acts we see a church who cannot help but proclaim the good news of Jesus – even in the midst of persecution they refuse to stop speaking about Christ. 25% of this book is people proclaiming the good news of Jesus.

5) They DEMONSTRATED (Acts 4:32-35, Acts 14:3)

There early church so both a natural (through generous and radical acts of kindness and giving) and supernatural (through miracles and healing) demonstration of the Kingdom of God. A church that is fit for purpose will see both a natural and supernatural demonstration of the love and power of God.

6) They PERSEVERED (Acts 5:41)

The church in Acts were often misunderstood, falsely accused, beaten up, tortured, imprisoned, and executed. But they didn’t give up, they pressed on – they persevered – why? Because they wholeheartedly believed in the good news of Jesus and the urgency upon which is MUST be shared to rescue people. It was a cause worth dying for.

May God stir us in all of these areas to become a fit-for-purpose Kingdom church – starting with me –starting with you! Amen?

Matt is Senior Pastor at Hitchin Christian Centre, President of Urban Saints and founder of


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