The grandmother moving mountains

The grandmother moving mountains

“Although I did not study, I know the value of education,” says Lucy. A grandmother of five, Lucy has been caring for her grandchildren since her daughter and son-in-law passed away.

Lucy is old and has been suffering from malaria. But thanks to the work of the church, she still manages to provide food and pay school fees by buying fish and re-selling it at a small profit. She also grows crops to eat and sell, and has some goats she can trade to cover unexpected expenses.

Despite this, the family’s existence can be precarious. Lucy has been feeling particularly weak lately. She’s grateful for the help of her older grandson and the Ogongora church community who bring extra food and help her in other ways.

Lucy is passionate about doing all she can to make sure her grandchildren get a good education. ‘Without education, their struggle in life will be made worse,’ she says.

Fourteen-year-old David is now in grade five – he’s doing very well, and dreams of becoming a doctor. Hilda is 12, Salome is eight and the twins Apio and Ocen are four – they’re all in nursery or school, and Lucy praises God for this.

Your support is making it possible for people like Lucy to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Thank you!

Please pray

· “My prayer is for God to enable me to educate at least the two older ones [grandchildren] so that they can help the young ones.” Please join Lucy in praying for her grandchildren to complete their schooling and thrive in the future.
· Pray for Lucy’s health, that she’ll be feeling better very soon.
· Pray for the weather conditions in Ogongora to continue to be favourable for planting and harvesting crops.


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