Music Review | Martin Smith | God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01

Music Review | Martin Smith | God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01
Martin Smith

This highly anticipated first official solo album by Martin Smith, the former front man of Delirious? is full of variety, with tracks covering a range of styles providing a great platform for Martin’s distinctive vocal sound.

Centred on a seriously strong lyrical element, the songs are bursting with inspired faith content; the intention here is to make music to be sung by people rather than performed to them. Expect to hear the highlights Back To The Start, Awake My Soul and Waiting Here For You belting out in church in the near future. High quality song-writing throughout and presented with ear-pleasing production.

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Tim has been a member of the HCC family for around 10 years and serves in the Worship and Production teams. He is a music technology teacher and works for the Hertfordshire Music service as their Consultant for Music Technology. He also works as a freelance writer including columns in trade magazines and has recently completed his first book. He is married to Harriet and they live in Letchworth with Tilly their cat.


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