Vision Mission DNA

Our Vision

God’s Revolution. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

We’re praying and working to see God’s revolution – “God’s Kingdom come and His will be done on earth, in our community, as it is in Heaven”.
Romans 14:17 says that “the Kingdom of God is… righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”. So, where the Kingdom of God is, there is…


Right living, right thinking, right speaking, right acting, right feeling – living by the maker’s instructions.


The results of ‘righteousness’ – wellbeing, harmony, healing, wholeness, security, safety, and prosperity.


The results of ‘peace’ – fun, laughter, happiness, and contentment.

And what does this look like in practice?

It means LESS divorce and broken families, poverty and debt, unemployment, homelessness, sickness, school exclusions, crime, binge drinking… and MORE healthy marriages and families, financial provision, fulfilling jobs and successful businesses, hospitality, healthy people, young people succeeding in education, safety and security, healthy partying! (And so on…) That’s the world we have a vision for.

Our Mission


Be Help

Practical help to the local community

This is our commitment to demonstrate the love of God to people through unconditional, loving actions that meet genuine needs.

Be Hope

Creative opportunities to explore faith

This is our commitment to create a variety of opportunities that will enable people to explore faith – to hear, understand and respond to the good news about Jesus.

Be Whole

Learning to live for, and like, Jesus

This is our commitment to envision and equip people to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ, who live effective and impacting Christian lives, 24×7.


How we do things around here

I'm In

We’re not spectators, we all have a part to play. We will own and carry the vision with positivity and passion, actively cheering each other on.


We will be alert to what God is up to and ready to join in. We recognise that every place is a mission field and every moment a possibility.

Big Hearted

We will be extravagantly generous, demonstrating love at every opportunity, always looking for ways to go the extra mile.


We will dream big dreams with God. We will embrace imagination, adventure and the miraculous, shaking expectations of what church can be like.