Kate Middleton

Assistant Pastor

As Assistant Pastor, Kate is responsible for Pastoral & Church Family, Courses & Community.

Not to be mistaken for the ‘other’ Kate Middleton, Kate is a psychologist with two great passions: the church and helping people achieve their true potential. She’s all about applying psychology and faith to real life and aims to inspire people wherever they are at on their journey with God. Kate loves to help people grow, particularly in their emotional health, and to figure their way through the challenges and storms life sometimes throws up.

Outside HCC Kate is one of the directors of Mind And Soul – a national organisation all about encouraging the church to engage more with matters of emotional and mental health. She speaks across the country on a variety of topics and has written several books.

Kate is married to James and has two children, Lia and Nathan.

Happiest: Worshipping. Very close second would be hanging out with family and friends, in the cinema or on her bike somewhere. Even more so if any of those things involve a good beer as well.

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